maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2018

Goblin horde update

When building a 3rd edition O&G army you are facing a pretty high obstacle - troop minima for O&G is 80 models. And it is quite natural that when you get those 20 orc boyz, 20 orc arrerz, 20 gobbos and 20 stickas painted you propably want to do something else than lowly goblins to boost your ranks. That happened to me too.

A couple of trolls, a chariot and a few other things later I was ready to continue with gobbos. I didn´t set a exact number like how many gobbos I eventually want to field. I sort of just started picking up an odd gobbo here and another one there. And I painted them when I felt like painting a gobbo. At some stage I lost count on how many guys I have.

Today it´s a been a really pretty day here in Finland. It looks like the summer is on it´s way. So I took my gobbos outside and arranged them for a head count. And to take some pictures. Most of these have been presented here before but there are a couple of new ones too.

Front view of the unit. 

Bird´s eye. 6x6+2 is 38 goblins. 

Newest additions. The one furtest to the left is a repair job. He´s
spear was broken. Replaced it with an elf spear. Mace gobbo
is midhammer but blends in well enough. 

A pre slotta fanatic. These are a must for goblin units. 

From a bit different angle.

Standing at 38 now the next logical goal would of course be 40. That would mean that they could lose 10 of their number before having to test for breaking. 

keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2018

Orcy pastry

A short while ago I spotted this TTG Tabletop Games Fantasy MP35 "Orc eating a Pie" model on ebay. And I knew I had to get him. Not because he is that good a sculpt but because he reminded me that I do not have a baggage train for my O&G army. So it was decided - he´ll be the first of the camp followers. I only need 14 more and three carts/wagons.

He has taken a bite alright with those bit teeth of his.

Nice raspberry glazing there on top. I think that´s a bag
he´s holding in his other hand.

I tried to make the pie look like a lemon and raspberry cheesecake. A favorite of all orcs for sure. Inspiration came from this blog.

tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2018

Green brothers in Chaos

Bought a few pre slotta goblins a couple of weeks ago from Oldhammer forums´ Trading subforum. I was mostly looking for fanatics of which I got three. Then I noticed a chaos goblin shaman and another one that looked like pretty normal goblin to me in the picture. It turned out to be a chaos goblin mutant. One of the fanatics has been seen here with my gnomes and now it´s time to present the chaos goblin duo.

C27 Chaos Goblin mutants Plague and Spiky Shaman. As seen in Aug 1984 flyer.

That´s a lot of warts/pimples on the gobbo. Quite a mad look on that shaman´s face. 

Side view of both mutants. My shaman has only one spike on his back. There is a version with three spikes too. And I´ve seen one with hand pointing straight up and with some hair of his/her head but that could have been a conversion.

Plague will fill a spot in ever groving gobbo unit. And spiky shaman gets to be... well... a shaman. Before him I had only one orc shaman and Spiky comes in very handy.